First log-in or register, and select the ‘Reserve’ button below the event you wish to attend!

WeGoLingo relies on the online reservation system in order to maintain a one-to-one balance of native speakers. You’re always welcome to come see if there are spaces available on the night, but it’s not always likely you’ll get a place!

Sometimes a waiting list is activated for your language until a balance of native speakers has been met, register yourself for the waiting list and you will be notified if space has been found for you. It’s best to register in advance to make sure you have a place!

Non-native speakers are very welcome! As long as you feel you have a high level of fluency where you can help your partner (from beginner to advanced) to improve the language they are learning, then come along!

Minimum age of 18 please! Although there is no age limit!

There is no pressure here at our events. Just try your best and use what you have, your language partners will try to help. It’s about gaining confidence with the level you have so you can speak what you know with ease!

Perhaps come speak to our host during an event or even during WegoLingo World, they may be able to explain to exactly what happens and why there is nothing to fear!

Não se preocupe, por favor clique em "Cancelar Link" enviado para você por e-mail ou logue no seu perfil e cancele o seu lugar. Por favor, tente dar o aviso com antecedência para que você não bloqueie um lugar para alguém!

If you have any more questions, then please feel free to send a message here